Get data and react in real-time on Twitter

Let’s go!

Twitter is like a public chat : millions of users express there needs in real time. What if you would be able to automatically react when these needs fit to your product value? What if you could pull them to your product sale page or let them subscribe to your news feed? You would rapidly increase your customers list and get highly qualified traffic!

Twitter As A Service is THE tool allowing you to do all that, quickly and for free:

  • Choose what to detect: based on the need which corresponds to your product, you will configure Tweet As A Service (TAAS) to automatically detect tweets about that.
  • Get the data: detected tweets are stored in a spreadsheet of your Google Drive account. We provide you a dashboard embedded in the spreadsheet to watch how many tweets you have depending on the day and the hour. Need some precise statistics? You can also compute all what you need yourself by editing the file like any other spreadsheet!
  • Be alerted: never miss a new detected tweet by receiving a mail alert. In one click, open the detected tweets directly in Twitter.
  • Act as you want: log, favorite or follow the targeted users expressing the need you take care of.  Make your brand visible and transform a part of this huge pool of users in customers!
  • Run 24/7: once configured and activated, TAAS run all day and night for you, no action required.
  • Free: TAAS is currently in beta-test and free for beta-testers.

Sounds cool? So get started right now!