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Basically, TAAS will need your permissions to use your Google account on your behalf to:

  • Create and/or modify one Google Spreadsheet in your Google Drive, where all the detected tweets will be stored. We provide a template that you can modify as you wish to make your own statistics.
  • Send e-mails from your Gmail account if you decide to be alerted in real time by e-mail. Each time TAAS will detect the tweet pattern you asked for, you will receive a mail from yourself with a summary of the tweet.
  • Send automatic e-mail error reports to our team, through your Gmail account. It allows us to react quickly in case your account got a problem.

Without your explicit consent, we will absolutely never:

  • Delete, move, edit or create files in your Drive out of the one dedicated to TAAS
  • Send e-mails on your behalf out of alerts you specified and error reports to our team

We take great care of the trust of your users, that’s why the rest of this page explains why we need each permissions.

Permissions for Google Drive:

  • Know who you are on Google: access to public data of your Google account (mandatory for any app using Google Drive).
  • View your email address: your email address is your login in the tool. We will send you emails only to check if everything is alright with the tool and to notify you about important updates.
  • View and manage your spreadsheets, your files and your documents in Google Drive: the tool will create a spreadsheet to store the data pulled from Twitter. This is the only action we will take in your Google Drive documents: creating and editing the TAAS dedicated spreadsheet. We will not delete, move, edit or create any other file.
  • View and manage data associated with the application: we need this permission to remember your tool configuration (activated or not, which Twitter account is linked, etc).
  • Allow this application to run when you are not present: when activated, the tool will run in real time 24/7.
  • Send email as you: you are able to configure the tool to automatically send e-mails when a certain kind of tweet is detected. We will also send automatic error reports to our team in case of technical failure in your account. Otherwise, we will absolutely not send e-mails without your consent.
  • Connect to an external service: you will be linked to Twitter, considered as an external services by Google Drive.

Permissions for Twitter:

  • Read Tweets from your timeline: this permission allow the tool to search and read tweets.
  • See who you follow, and follow new people: the tool can be configured to automatically follow or unfollow people and to trigger action based on if the user follow your account or not.
  • Update your profile: sincerely, we do not need that, but Twitter forces us to ask the permission. Anyway, we will not touch your profile without your explicit consent.
  • Post Tweets for you: the tool can be configured to automatically favorite detected tweets. Soon it will also be possible to retweet or answer them.
  • Access your direct messages: soon the tool may be configured to automatically send direct message, like welcoming a new follower.

Seems good to you? Then let’s start:

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